Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)​ 2019-20 School Year

To Use technology at TdVA please sign the District Technology Agreement, Responsible Use Agreement, and Mobile Device Checkout agreement. These three documents have been combined into one document that has been posted in the Extended Parent Portal in the student agreements tab.  A copy may be viewed ---> ASD20 Technology Guidelines and RUA K-12 - 2019-20.docx

BYOD is a means to provide personalized learning.  It involves students (4th-5th only)  bringing their own approved electronic devices from home or renting one from the school.  

Why Do It?

-Engage learners in implementing technology to enhance their learning

-Teaches responsibility for their devices and creatively accomplishing all learning goals. 

-Provide learners the opportunity to engage in personalized digital learning while appropriately adapting to the technological, social, and academic environments they encounter.​ ​

-Develop student ownership of their learning at any time and in ​any place, with changing levels of challenge as they engage in research and global collaboration.​

-Our feeder schools are also currently implementing BYOD, so your student should be able to use the device in middle school. 

What it looks like at TdVA

BYOD is available for students in grades 4-5 only.  For the 2019-20 school year, we are continuing to implement the program.  All 4th and 5th grade students will be required to participate and we will be required to bring their own device, unless you fill out a needs based application and pay the rental fee of $50 for the year.  Needs-based applications are available for students on free or reduced lunch or for students unable to purchase a device.  All devices that are rented to students will be availble for students to use at home as well as school.

Needs-based applications will be availble after school starts.    

Students will take place in Digital Citizenship throughout the year to ensure proper use of the device.  Common Sense Media is an excellent resource and one that we will use through the year.  Students and parents will sign a user agreement prior to BYOD registration and students will be held to a high standard of appropriate use.


Summer 2019- Please consider looking to purchase a device over the summer.  Please see the recommendations and minimum requirements below.

Week of Aug. 26th 2019- All 5th grade students must bring in their own devices that meet the minimum requirements below and register the device at school.  If necessary, students may rent one from school after filling out a needs-based application and paying the fee.     

Week of Sept. 2nd 2019All 4th grade students must bring in their own devices that meet the minimum requirements below and register the device at school.  If necessary, students may rent one from school after filling out a needs-based application and paying the fee.       

(Some teachers may wish to have devices brought in before the date mentioned.  If that is the case the teacher will let you know.) 


-When a student chooses to bring their own device that meets the requirements, the school will not manage it and the student will be responsible for putting needed apps on.  The school will however do the best they can to get the device up and running.   


Device Recommendations: Device_Minimum_Recommendations_2019-20.pdf

-Phones, ipods, Nooks, Fire tablets and Kindles do not meet district requirements.

Recommended devices include, but are not limited to: ipad, ipad mini, Chromebooks, most Samsung Galaxy tablets, Microsoft Surface tablets, and most laptops (not Asus).  Although some ipods and phones meet some requirements, they do not meet the screen size requirement, so please don't bring those.  Please ask if you have a question on a certain device.


Anti-Theft Applications

 Please see link below for some options to anti-theft applications and reviews.

 ASD20 and TdVA are not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to devices brought to school.

Device Anti-theft.pdf


Please remember that a good case is highly recommended.


?Questions about BYOD at TdVA- Please contact Dr. Schimmel at