Technology at TdVA

Certainly, technology and its role in the school setting has changed, and continues to, dramatically as we have have needed to switch from in person to an eLearning setting.  Currently, we have most students on their own device at home and at school and are hopeful of being able to continue this when school resumes in person full time.  

We use technology as a learning tool to help to provide personalized learning.  

Why Do It?

-Engage learners in implementing technology to enhance their learning

-Teaches responsibility for their devices and creatively accomplishing all learning goals. 

-Provide learners the opportunity to engage in personalized digital learning while appropriately adapting to the technological, social, and academic environments they encounter.​ ​

-Develop student ownership of their learning at any time and in ​any place, with changing levels of challenge as they engage in research and global collaboration.​

Digital Citizenship

Students will take place in Digital Citizenship throughout the year to ensure proper use of the device.  Common Sense Media is an excellent resource and one that we will use through the year.  Students and parents will sign a user agreement prior to BYOD registration and students will be held to a high standard of appropriate use.