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Drama at the da Vinci Academy 

     Aladdin Press Release final.jpg                This year's Elective's Shows are Prelude: Ohana and The Wizard of Oz. Join us May 9th and 10th at 6pm in the Lew Davis Theatre!
Erica Skelcey
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Upcoming Galleries

4th Grade Gallery    October 30th

3rd Grade Gallery    November 14th

Rev Rock- 5th Grade   January 22nd & 23rd

Shakespeare- 5th Grade  February 7th & 8th


Erica Skelcey10/11/2018 3:19 PM
Upcoming Galleries


  Tuesday, 17th         4th Grade Gallery                 2:00 & 6pm- Brown

                                     2:30 & 6:30- Longshore

                                      3:00 & 7:00- Shever

Erica Skelcey10/20/2015 9:18 AM
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