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Starting in 2019, TdVA partnered with other educators in the Pikes Peak Region, including elementary, middle, high school, and college-level educator artists, to create the KC PIE, a Kennedy Center arts integration education leadership collaborative.  Our teachers are dedicated to teaching the essential concepts through the Colorado State Standards of academics and arts.  Many forms of art allow students to explore concepts and show their knowledge creatively.  That can look like building a bridge to explore the Laws of Physics, writing a play to describe a math idea, or creating a dance to represent the water cycle.  We find our students not only learn the concepts more deeply, they also have a lot of fun doing it through our Arts Integration approach to learning! 


It also looks like our specialized staff is helping specific students. For example, we have programs for students who are: gifted and talented, English Second Language Learners, on the Autism Spectrum, Special Needs, and Dyslexia Support. 


We offer a wide variety of engaging activities for our students to participate in during school and before/after school.  All students participate in our Encore courses during the school day: Drama, World Language & Cultural Arts, Music, Art, Movement, Library Media & Technology. In addition, before and after school, students can choose to participate in our many clubs such as Sports, the Annual Musical, Strings, Choir, Art Club, STEAM, Green Dragons, Chess, Robotics, Battle of the Books, Mind Craft, and more!