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Core Academics

Our school offers a diverse, aesthetic, brain-based practice of teaching core subjects through the arts and is driven by a state standards-based curriculum. Through Encore classes we are able to offer Visual Art, Movement, Spanish, Music (Strings, Band and Vocal music) and Drama.

We also offer a unique opportunity for our 4th and 5th graders called Electives, where they choose from classes such as Scenic Design, Spanish, Maker Space, Library Club, Musical Theater Performance, Guitar, Yearbook, and Technical Theatre. These offerings provide deeper understanding and access to critical thinking skills that our 21st Century leaders are going to need. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the content, be challenged to think more critically and have the opportunity to convey their learning through authentic and expressive assessments.

Arts Integration In the Classroom

Arts Integration happens throughout The DaVinci Academy, in every grade level and every Encore area. Teachers and students collaborate through engaging lessons that combine the standards for core subject areas such as Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies and the standards of the Arts areas such as Movement, Music, Visual Arts and Drama.

Some examples include: Students using their bodies and movement to act out fractions, graphs and math problems. Becoming Arctic Explorers and traveling to Antarctica to further understand animal habitats. Creating rap songs to deeper understand the elements of poetry. In depth study of Shakespeare to further their understanding of Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. Using perspective drawing to deeper understand Scientific and Mathematical concepts. Or, understanding different perspectives by becoming both the explorers arriving in America and the native peoples who already inhabit the area.


These are "informances" are predominantly student created and are a chance for students to share information about what they have learned through the performing arts. Each grade level collaborates with Encore teachers to select an academic concept for students to explore. As a culminating experience, students invite their families to their gallery to show what they have learned.

Extracurricular Clubs and Activities

Stem Club, Strings, Band, Makers Club, Art Club, Robotics, Shakespeare, Environmental (Green Dragons), Opera, Cross Country, Quidditch, Choir, Band, Graphic Novel Design, Kindness and Compassion and Chess club are some of the offerings that we have for our students. Offerings change by semester.