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Connecting Music to the World Around Us

Through collaboration with classroom teachers, we are able to use music to help students increase their understanding of language arts, math, and science. 

Examples of arts integrated lessons include:

  • Play various instruments to learn about the science of sound as students can feel and see the vibrations and sound waves in 1st grade.

  • Compose and perform blues songs as students learn about the Civil Rights Movement in 5th grade. 

  • Explore rhythms and note values to learn about fractions in 4th grade.

  • Compose rhythmic mnemonic phrases to help students learn key academic concepts in 2nd and 3rd Grade.

  • Create sound effects to accompany stories and poems in Kindergarten and First Grade. 

  • Learn about music from various cultures and countries to enhance social studies units in all grade levels.

In addition to the regular music classes, we also offer several music clubs, including ukulele, choir, world drumming, and strings.