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Some examples of things going on in the art room include:

  • Kindergarten will learn about geometric and organic shapes and lines while also being introduced to a wide variety of new art mediums to experiment with.

  • First graders will continue to experiment with new materials in the art room while they are introduced to color theory. They will start to understand how the color wheel works when mixing colors.

  • Second graders have a good understanding of primary, secondary, and other color schemes and can begin to use that knowledge in their own artwork. We will discuss balance and how to fill a space with art.

  • Third grade begins to shift from 2D art and can be expected to create some sculptural works of art. We will talk about 3D shapes such as cylinders, prisms, cubes and will use these vocab works to begin discussing our artwork.

  • Fourth grade gets into the elements of art, such as space. They will learn how to manipulate the space they’re working with to create different perspectives, foregrounds, middle grounds, and backgrounds. Fourth grade will also begin creating artist statements and participating in art critiques.

  • Fifth grade uses all of the above to plan and create meaningful artwork that shares a message with the viewer. Fifth graders participate in a variety of art critiques such as gallery walks, and will learn how to use content appropriate language to discuss artwork.