Arts and Science Integration



The da Vinci Academy prides itself in integrating the Arts and Sciences into the curriculum.  Recently, this idea has morphed into the adoption of STEAM INTEGRATION (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, and Math) with a continued emphasis on Art.   The A stands for the broad spectrum of the arts going well beyond aesthetics; it includes the liberal arts, formally folding in Language Arts, Social Studies, Physical Arts, Fine Arts & Music that each shape developments in STEM fields (  Our definition of Arts integration is based on the definiton from The Kennedy Center.     

The school offers a diverse, aesthetic, brain based practice of teaching core subjects through the arts, sciences, and state standards driven curriculum.  Through Encore classes we are able to offer Visual Art, Movement, Spanish, Music (Strings and Vocal music), Drama, and Electives for 4th and 5th graders that include all of the above offerings plus: Stage Crew, Theatre, Vocal Music Performance, Guitar, Yearbook, and Technical Theatre.  These offerings provide deeper understanding and access to critical thinking skills that our 21st Century leaders are going to need.  Students will gain a deeper understanding of the content, be challenged to think more critically and have the opportunity to convey their learning through authentic and expressive assessments.  Please see the bottom of this page for a few articles that relate to the ideas of STEAM or Art and Science Integration.  PLEASE SEE THE LINK TO THE LEFT OF THE PAGE FOR WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OUR MAKERSPACE.    

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These are "informances" where students share information about what they have learned through the performing arts.  Each grade level collaborates with Encore teachers to select an academic concept for students to explore.  As a culminating experience, students invite their families to their gallery to show what they have learned. For additional information on galleries as well as photos please see DRAMA.   

Extracurricular Clubs and Activities

Stem Club, Makers Club, Art Club, Robotics, Cross Country, Choir, Band, and Chess club are some of the offerings that we have for our students.  Offerings change by semester.   


Palettes are our integrated plans.  Please take a look below to see what is happening at TdVA!  We are currently in the process of adding the engineering element to our Palettes.  Please click on a desired grade level in the picture below to see specific palettes in the interactive picture below.  





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