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At The da Vinci Academy, it is our commitment that all our students will grow academically and socially. Therefore, our staff invites students to explore various ways to learn different academic subjects through the Colorado State Standards and integration of the Arts.   Find out more about academics.

Arts Integration

The da Vinci Academy prides itself in integrating the Arts into the curriculum. Our definition of Arts integration is based on the definition from The Kennedy Center: "Arts Integration is our pathway of teaching and learning. Students construct and demonstrate understanding through visual and performing arts by engaging in a creative process; this connects an art form with another academic area and meets evolving objectives for both." Learn how we integrate the arts.

Encore Classes

Our Encore classes enable students to explore a variety of art forms, including visual arts, musical performance, language, and technology. More about Encore.


Kindergarten helps children develop a strong foundation for life-long learning in a safe, fun and structured environment. The hands-on nature of our Arts-Integration makes that foundation even stronger. More about Kindergarten.

Register District Kindergarten Info.

Leo's Learning Garden

The TdVA Learning Garden is located behind the school.  It consists of an outdoor classroom, several planter boxes, fruit and spruce trees, butterfly and sensory gardens, and the start to a legacy path. More about our learning garden.

Maker Space

The da Vinci Makerspace is a flexible learning space where the elements of STEAM can all come together and creativity can be at forefront of learning. Learn about our maker space.


Integrating social and emotional learning. More about RULER.

Visit the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Technology at TdVA

We use technology as a learning tool to help to provide personalized learning.    More about technology.